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(Recognized by the Government of Karnataka)
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St. George College of Management, Science & Nursing, an educational institution now with multifarious activities was established in 1998 in Bangalore managed by St. George College Educational & Charitable Trust. The vision and mission statements evidence the fact of its objective of imparting quality education keeping in view the much wanted knowledge workers of positive attitude, by the corporate world to be their go getters.
Two important aspects of “to do “and “to be” are the focus of our motive in preparing our students to fit well in the slots they are to occupy in the business world of today. "To do" is to chase targets and achieve or even surpass what is expected of them. "To be" is to be that person of integrity, dependability, sincerity, honesty, truthfulness, friendliness and the charm of being trust worthy.

Engaging sufficiently qualified faculty of proven ability who are experienced and committed to the noble cause of being teachers, we do our utmost leaving no stone unturned to impart education as per the prescribed syllabi of various courses. Completion of portions on time and revisions to help students to score high percentage of marks is assiduously taken care of. Much more inputs by way of value additions through regular corporate interactions, industry visits and other educative programs are under taken on a timely basis involving appropriate professionals chosen meticulously. Well ventilated and suitably furnished class rooms to ensure comfort for students along with latest technological gadgets for use by the teachers are maintained. Our Library kept open for longer durations each day to ease reference work before and after class hours is filled with enough books, periodicals and magazines for the use of students and faculty. Rest rooms separately for boys and girls, potable water, canteen facilities, serene and hygienic atmosphere create an ambience that will naturally motivate the students to get the best out of them. Reviewing the existing facilities/initiatives as above, so as to widen the exposure of the students to build confidence in them is taken up periodically. These constitute our tangible and intangible campus provisions- a difference that speaks. These are our prominent endeavours to render our students acquire the characteristic of “to do”.
Our faculty are not mere teachers. Gone are those days to only teach and walk out with the feeling “I have done my job”. They have been trained and retrained to be counselors, models by good examples worthy of imitation. We strive to imbibe qualities in students to feel, sympathize and empathize with people they come across in their day to day dealings. The coveted qualities so essential to be graceful and inspiring leaders is hard to acquire but it is imperative to be one with such possession to lead a team.

The warmth of good interpersonal relationship to sustain friendliness, trust and cooperation from others, especially from co-workers placed above, parallel and subordinates constitute those qualities which can be embraced by regular practice and zealous efforts under guidance of “real teachers”. Be it the first line, middle order or top management managers requiring technical skills, sound in human resources management capabilities or strategic planning abilities respectively, the aforesaid characteristics play dominant role. They qualify if possessed in large measures of these intangibles to have attained the state of “to be”.
Our campus has become meaningful in delivering abundantly what is vital bracketed within “to do” and “to be” encompassing literally the whole gamut of essentials to make our outgoing students:

  1. Effective in their work
  2. Efficient in planning and decision making
  3. Smart in operation and guidance
  4. Good in team building
  5. Graceful in interpersonal relations
  6. Dependable and trust worthy
  7. Sincere and truthful
  8. Firm in maintaining discipline
  9. Encouraging and motivating
  10. Creative and innovative
  11. Capable in managing under stress and strain
  12. Result oriented.

To sum up, our campus is a temple of learning with infrastructure- tangible and Intangible to ensure success and happiness to students and those connected with us aspiring for a better tomorrow for the younger generation.